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20 Apr

Hey all , here is a link we wanted to share with you to continue reading it.Its a fashion,celeb,beauty,style tips blog.A  Jordanian blog who has started before 2 months is now full of nice good quality topic ,who you need and look for.So check it now and sure you will be one of their readers….XO



Blog Announcement

13 Jan

Hey all,this is must be sad news for you and for us too.But we will close the blog on the end of (February).It was hard choice for us,so thank you all for all your support !

The blog will still running .You can check our old posts always !

Thank you all again,we didn’t think the blog will be big like this,and it still keep bigger and bigger with thousands who visit us daily!it was just a dream come true.

Thanks for your support

With Love
Year Without Rain Blog


11 Jan

Marked now that Camel is the hottest color in this season!

Everyone is wearing camel color, camel is being the new trend and the best choice for this cold weather. Because Camel color is the perfect choice for casual look, so everyone can wear it in every occasion, camel is the new black!

Camel color from Runway to Daily-wear!

Fall Fashion Show 2010

Celebrity love camel too, and looks how fabulous they are!

Alexa Chung                                            Blake Lively

Olivia Palermo

Here are some Camel outfit that fit everyone’s budget!

Camel Belted Capelet Trench Coat By topshop.com £95

Shearling Lined Boots by Forever21.com $35.80


Petite Camel Wavy detail Sleeveles Tunic by Topshop.com £18.00

Celebrity We Love Her Style

7 Jan

Lucy Hale is an actress and singer. She’s 21, we know her from the tv series American Juniors, privileged and also know from famous tv series, Pretty Little Liars which is made her people talking about her style as Aria Montgomery lately last year.

(Lucy Hale) style almost vintage, girly and urban-chic. We love how she puts feminine and little rebellious style together without getting failed!  She makes simple outfit become so gorgeous when she add some accessories. So everyone can follow her style because it’s simple but luxurious. Her looks always steal everyone’s attention; in 2010 she was one of the best dressed celebrity of the week (TeenVogue). She mostly looks natural with dark colors like brown, black and gray. Her signature styles are boots, pumps and mini dress. Isn’t she always look adorable without being too much. Check out her looks!

Celebrity Of The Week

7 Jan

Name: Kristen Jaymes Stewart
Born: April 9,1990
Country: Los Angeles,California,Us.
Occupation: Actress

Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways (2010).

Rihanna Red Hair

6 Jan

Hey all,Many of you saw Rihanna wearing the red hair from a while,But lately she’s changing in her red hair looks .She moved from one to another ,And she makes it better.

I know many of you never tried her hair color,and they will not,because it’s a daring and bright color !

As we sure,it’s not her best hair color,but she totally rocks it,and look great!

So if you will try it or not,Check her looks in the red hair.Are you still don’t want to try it??

Dark Circles

6 Jan

Shadows under your eyes can be the result of several factors: allergies, irritation, dehydration, fatigue, nasal congestion, sun exposure, or thinning skin. The skin under the eyes is already thin to begin with (about half a millimeter thick), so the veins below the surface can show through and create a blue cast. If you have deep-set eyes or very fair skin, the effect is even more pronounced. If you have a dark skin tone, the pigment can also collect under your eyes to create circles.

To address pigmentation issues, look for an eye cream containing licorice and hyaluronic acid. Studies show that these ingredients reduce dark circles after six weeks of use. Retinols may help those with thinning skin.

For a quick home remedy, soak cotton balls in cold soy milk. The coolness and the anti-inflammatory properties of soy can help reduce irritation and puffiness. Also, try adding a pillow at night. Elevating your head during sleep can help prevent fluids from collecting under your eyes.

You can also cover up the problem with concealer. Look for a product that’s a shade lighter than your foundation and with a creamy, thicker consistency. Apply the concealer in light, feathery strokes using a makeup sponge or a flat makeup brush.

The Looks We Loved In 2010:Part 2

5 Jan

Hey all,we did
the part one of our list from few days.Here is our Favorite looks
of 2010 part 2 !



(Shenae Grims)

(Jessica Alba)

(Mila Kunis)

The Way We Are

4 Jan

We look through the glossy pages of the top fashion and style magazines.  The celebrities and models are gorgeous.  We tell ourselves that if we looked like that we would have a fabulous life.  If we were thinner, prettier, if our butt wasn’t so big (or so small), if we had hair like that, if our skin were that clear. But have you thought about what goes into making those models and celebrities “Models and Celebrities” ?  We sometimes get a glimpse of the real side of their lives. Looks are not everything – yes we hear that all the time, but it really isn’t.  Here are some looks at our beauties as they really are. I want the lighting, the wind machine, the professional make up artist, the person that does the air brushing, I want them in my home every morning when I wake up. But since that isn’t the real world, I’ll take my mousey brown hair, my sparse eyebrows, my ruddy check color and my little-to-large breasts into my own bathroom and make the most of what I have.  We may not be a dream girl, but I guarantee you that we are the dream of someone that loves us just the way we are.

Shoes Of The Week

4 Jan

(Double Platform Pump)
$8.00 at (Wet Seal)