Everyone Wearing The Updo

7 Oct

(Sarah Jessica Parker)

Hey all , the updo is big trend right now , everyone wear it .Its easy , simple , and gives you great look . You want to try it , but you are afraid , here is some tips will make you look great in the updo .So try it , and look at the celebrities who try it .Enjoy the pictures !

Updo Tips :

1.Don’t wash your hair the day you’re going to have an updo done. Opt just to shower and throw your hair up with a scrunchy or just rinse and don’t use shampoo. Dirty hair equals a better updo. Yes, it’s true. Not only is “dirty” hair easier to work with, it will hold a curl much longer , will be easier to tease and most important, will have a great deal of shine to it. Sacrifice washing for a day or two before, for the greater good of a great hair day!

2.Always wear a button down shirt or one with a loose fitting neck when having an updo done.

3.Don’t put hair up to tight. This can cause headaches hours later and ruin a big day. If you feel your hair is too tight or a pin hurts, let her/him know.

4. Give yourself plenty of time. Nothing is worse than having less time than needed to finish a style.

5.Choose an updo  that fits you and your personality.

6.Leaving wisps and bangs out will soften a harsh updo.

7.If you have a long face, try not to go with updos that are “stuck” on top of your head. Instead, opt for a nape knot or a lower updo.

Hilary Duff                 Jennifer Lopez         Paris Hilton              Whitney Port


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