Tricks and Treats

21 Oct


So it’s Halloween and you need to get your style on. Whether you are hosting a party or going to one, don’t let the ghosties and gobblins take away your glam! My Dear Kittens there are costumes out there to set you above and make his head swim.

Here are my favs for 2010:



Lady GaGa. Think outlandish clothing (or very little of it), and you are off to a great start! As long as the costume involves not wearing pants, a platinum or pink wig, and an eye-covering of some sort (sunglasses or a mask), take your pick and you will have our Lady. Splatter glitter, (or blood or both glitter and blood) all over, wear a face covering of material of some sort- like a veil, paint your face wild, or wear super colorful lashes with tons of makeup. You can purchase a ready to rock Pokerface Costume Kit which includes: Long, elegant black gloves, a platinum blonde long wig, sunglasses and thick black eyelashes from   for $26.99.


The most popular costume for men is Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter , but ladies, step into the Mad Hatter’s hat this year. Who doesn’t think a lady in men’s style clothing isn’t hot, hot, hot ! Get the classic Mad Hatterhat at for $29.99



Twilight’s Bella Swan. This one’s pretty simple, Bella is a simple girl, jeans, t-shirts and luscious lips are what it takes to get Bella’s trademark look. Ladies, who isn’t drooling to take a bite out of Edward Cullen. You can get a Bella jacket at for $66.00


Lindsay Lohan in a jail costume,so funny! You’ll need an orange jumpsuit, or an orange skirt and an outrageous manicure. orange jumpsuits for $33.56




Next week’s episode of Glee is the much-anticipated Halloween themed episode of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” It’s fittingly titled “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.” Finn and Rachel naturally play Brad and Janet, Kurt plays Riff Raff and Mercedes plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Glee is such a good show and The Rocky Horror Glee Show is going to be one you don’t want to miss!

Joanna P.



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