The Eye Of The Tigress

12 Nov
 The cat eye look has been around for a long time and it appears to be here to stay for a while.  There are two types of cat eye: The kind you create with liner and the kind you create with shadow. 

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men

  This is a softer version. It’s a little bit retro, kind of girlie and pretty sexy all at the same time. To copy: Line all the way around your lashline with a black pencil. Then dust a brown-gray on your top lids and out into a soft point that lines up with the crease of your eyes and finish with a shimmery gold along the inner corners.  

Leighton Meester

 This look has just a hint of of the cat-eye flick. And it’s majorly cute.The idea is to just extend the line of your liner on top slightly and give it a flick towards your temples. Nothing too big or exaggerated, just a touch. I’ve been playing around with this for years and never fails to make me feel all flirty and cute. 

Nichole Richie

You cannot go wrong with the classy combo of black and gray in eye makeup. These shades complement all skin tones and eye shapes and can be used to create a voguish look. Apply a black eye liner in a winged pattern and dab gray eye shadow on your eye lids to get this look. Loads of black mascara is a must to complete this look.



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