Soft as a Baby’s *beep*

30 Nov

Exfoliation is a miracle!

It is an absolute necessity for a glowing face. Besides aggressive environmental factors (pollution, UV rays, cigarette smoke, etc…) also contribute in filling your skin, skin gradually becomes opaque and, instead of reflecting light, it is absorbing it, says dermatologists .  This is not limited to your face, exfoliate your entire body for skin as soft as a baby’s *beep* ! 

Although all formulas exfoliate skin effectively, they operate in different ways. Here are 5 types of exfoliating procedures:

  • Oily / acne and Normal, Solution-based AHA
  • Dry, Oily / acne and Normal, disks based on AHA / BHA
  • Dry, Sensitive and Norma, Exfoliating creme
  • Oily / acne and Normal, Derma abrasion
  • Dry, Sensitive and Normal, Peeling enzyme

Solutions based on AHA / BHA dissolve the connection between death cells, which fall down much easier. How? Apply solution with a brush on the entire skin surface, and after 5 minutes rinse well. This can be repeated up to 2 times per week. It is the best method for acne skin.

Diskettes with AHA / BHA  can ve used as Diskettes with AHA / BHA can be used as often as you want because their effect is softer. They look like make-up remover pads but are infused with an exfoliating substance. It’s much more comfortable.

Exfoliating creams  contain low-dose, low concentration of AHA and BHA and work slowly with a peeling effect. Use them once a day instead of night cream. Apply on the skin, leave on for 5 – 10 minutes and wash with warm water.

Derma abrasion  granules act as a gentle abrasive. The exfoliate and clean pores without affecting the epidermis. Gentley rub product with fingertips in a circular motion then wash with warm water. It is recommended 1 time a week for oily or dry skin.

Protein enzymes Protein enzymes dissolve dead cells. But, unlike acids, they act only on the surface of the skin, so are better tolerated by sensitive skin. Apply gel with fingertips, wait 10 minutes, then wash it with warm water. You can repeat a maximum of 2 times per week.


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