Interview:House Of Dame

3 Dec

Erica Kain is a Accessories designer that’s hails out of  Toronto , Canada ! already being involved in the fashion scene  as a make up artist she had thirst  to be more than a make up artist . She grew tired of always seeing the same earrings in the stores nothing bold ,sassy and big . Not thinking about being a designer  She  started cutting up old leather jackets and making earrings.After receiving  many complements on her  earrings and often being asked where they can be purchase that’s when she decided that this is something that she should pursue! Her pieces reflect who she is , which is a confident woman full of energy expressing it threw her love for the arts .

We did this interview with her this week,she was so nice when we talked to her.She told us about her brand,her style,and busy life.So big thanks to Erica for this great interview. Check our interview with her !

*When you started as an Accessories designer ?

i started as a jewelry designer in June of 2009 !

*Your designs are special and catchy,tell us what make them that special ?

what make my designs special  is that they are hand made and big also bold ! and my line is one of a kind !

*What is the materials you use in your accessories ?

the materials  i use in my designs is mainly  leather , metals  and various different products it really depends on what my creative mood is !

*Describe your brand style in one word!

my brand in one word would be BOLD !

*Are you happy with your job?

yes i am happy with my job , its very hard work tho because everything is hand made but the joy for me is seeing women in my earrings  also  them thanking me for making such beautiful pieces .

*Tell us about your favorite Design that you ever made ?

my favorite design i ever made would have to be my diamond feathers earrings.

*Who is the woman who wears your accessories ?

the woman who wear my brand is a confident person , who commands attention she stands alone ! she isn’t afraid of the world she congers it

*Many celebrities wore some of your designs.Tell us who are they,and how you feel about that ?

the celebs who have worn my earrings are , rapper Rasheeda , Fantasia and Pam from total ! im very blessed to have started almost 2 years ago and i have had celebs in my line already not many people can do that .

(Rasheeda wearing House Of Dame design)


*Who is your inspiration ?

my inspiration is my mother has has passed away , my son and my family , my drive for success ,my multicultural city of TORONTO  and  my love of leather its’ timeless and sassy  .

*Most of your earrings are big,Why?

most of my earrings are big because big earrings make a statement and their hard to find  ,  accessories are more important than the outfit at times and i wanted my earrings to stick out for that purpose .

*You met many celeb such as Katy perry,What they told you about your designs ?

when i met Katy perry she was in love with my line , she told me my earrings are very unique and keep pushing im going to go far .

(Katy Perry Loves House Of Dame)

*Your future plans?

my future plan is to come out with a little girls line , come out with necklaces and bracelets and eventually branch into other aspects for designing .

*Give an advice to all women and girls who wear accessories !

my advice to women and girls is be true to yourself  ,try not to follow trends and don’t be scared to create your own .

*Tell us,Who is your favorite Accessories brand or designer?

my favorite  Accessories brand or designer is Melanie Ehsani, her work is amazing !

*Are you happy with all you did until now?

seeing the  positive numbers and  growth in circulation that support my line i am very proud of myself nothing is easy ! but hard work pays off.

*Thank you for this great interview,anything you want to tell?

they can check out my blog . and check out my online store . and for any inqires they can e mail me .

thank you very much for the interview much love to your blog ! muah

Check some of her designs:

House Of Dame will giveaway a gift for the contest that will start today.Dont  forget to come back and join the contest!

(The gift)


3 Responses to “Interview:House Of Dame”

  1. Anne 03/12/2010 at 6:01 pm #

    Great interview with a great designer ,I love big earings !

  2. Bianca 03/12/2010 at 6:03 pm #

    Thanks yearwithoutrain for this nice interview !

    I love Erica’s designs too ! Chic,big,catchy,specail .

  3. Mandy 03/12/2010 at 6:06 pm #

    I love red and blue earings , catchy and classy and looks vintage … I must buy

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