Celebrities Love Crazy Shoes

9 Dec

Hey all, As you know many celebrities try to make a fashion statement specially  in the red carpet.So whats better than the shoes to help them!

From Beyonce to Lady Gaga ,even young stars are trying to look their best in the red carpets and events,some of their shoes are great and some are just a disaster .Check who`s  from celebrities wore them and see who wore it best !


(Lady Gaga)                                                    (Kat Von D)

(Jessica Szhor)                                                   (Kim Kardashian)

(Rihanna)                                                (Lady Gaga)


If you are one of these shoes lovers , here i found for you some of them:

Not Rated Spicy $31.99

Vince Camuto Amber $94.40

Pleaser USA Taboo-709 $31.28

Not Rated Shaker $48.00

All shoeses from zappos.com


One Response to “Celebrities Love Crazy Shoes”

  1. Kourtny Joseph 12/12/2010 at 1:14 pm #

    Thank you for these great inspire shoes .I must buy one of them

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