Interview with Eklectic Xplosion Vintage

17 Dec

Chanel and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Qiana, the Owner and resident fashionista of the Eklectic Xplosion Vintage shop. We had the opportunity to ask Qiana a few questions about her and her business.

*First Qiana, let me thank you taking the time to speak with us today.  Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

EK:  I’m just a simple girl that loves her dog, and her Vintage! Lol. I’ve been intrigued with Fashion ever since I can remember. With an emphasis on Vintage. The feeling of knowing what I bought was original, and totally broken in made me a happy girl.

*Your online shop, please, tell us a little more.

EX:  The styles I sell on my site are rare, odd, and eclectic. They Ooze originality, and all are One-Of-A-Kind. No duplicates in my shop. Pieces that can be paired with Modern styles as well. Just all around classic Gently worn Vintage.

*Was it difficult to put together an online shop ?

EX:  I wouldnt say it was easy or hard. I am passionate about it, so it comes easy to me. Of course at times certain sides are challenging, but I like a challenge. Nothing worth while is easy.

*What are the future plans for your site ?

EX:  Stay Tuned (laugh)

*When did you realized you wanted to be in fashion ?

EX:  I would always get compliments on my handbags, glasses, etc. knowing I had an eye for it,  I thought why not share it. Everyone wants to be Fab, but everyone may not have the same budget. I wanted to offer high end Vintage for all. Affordable one of a kind pieces that all could rock and be Haute!

*The word fashion means different things to different people, what does fashion mean to you ?

EX:  Fashion means knowing how to turn nothing into something! Its not how much you spend on and item. Its how you put it together! A fab belt or a mean pair of frames can bring ANYthing together! Knowing how to rock what you got!

*Do you have any favorite designers ?

EX:  Betsey Johnson, and my new-new Mundo!!

*Any advice on wearing vintage ?

 EX:  You can mix and match with Vintage! You dont have to overdose on it! A nice pair of Sunglasses or even a chic little clutch mixed with your trendy looks will work as well! Play with it a little. See what works best for you.

*Anything you want to share ?

EX:  But of course! (Laugh)  You can see more of my items at Follow me on Twitter for special promotions at  and Oh, sign up for mailings at

*Thanks Qiana, it’s been both a pleasure speaking with you AND  fun !

Qiana Owner of Eklectic Xplosion


3 Responses to “Interview with Eklectic Xplosion Vintage”

  1. Mia 17/12/2010 at 1:02 pm #

    I visited your shop site.I really love the vintage stuff there…

    • Qiana 17/12/2010 at 7:53 pm #

      Thank you guys so much! New items listed Daily:)

  2. Jenny 17/12/2010 at 6:42 pm #

    Great interview .Good luck Qiana!

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