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Our Favourite Blog

20 Apr

Hey all , here is a link we wanted to share with you to continue reading it.Its a fashion,celeb,beauty,style tips blog.A  Jordanian blog who has started before 2 months is now full of nice good quality topic ,who you need and look for.So check it now and sure you will be one of their readers….XO


Rihanna Red Hair

6 Jan

Hey all,Many of you saw Rihanna wearing the red hair from a while,But lately she’s changing in her red hair looks .She moved from one to another ,And she makes it better.

I know many of you never tried her hair color,and they will not,because it’s a daring and bright color !

As we sure,it’s not her best hair color,but she totally rocks it,and look great!

So if you will try it or not,Check her looks in the red hair.Are you still don’t want to try it??

The Buzz on the Beehive

3 Jan
There are right and wrong ways to wear big hair.  Recently Alicia Keys was blasted for her over the top beehive, but Kelly Osbourne and Kourtney Kardashian got kudos for their poufy pompadours !

Mane Attraction

23 Dec

Whether for the holiday season or anytime, headbands can be a very cool or elegant way to dress your locks.  Add a pair of simple earrings and you are ready to go.


Kyan Douglas’ Tips For Winter Hair

16 Dec


From frizzies to fly-aways, as the temperature drops we’re faced with a slew of new hair challenges — and taking care of your locks during the winter goes way beyond deep conditioning.

  • “Great looking hair starts with a great cut, and it ensures your hair looks its best during the winter months, ” says beauty expert Kyan Douglas. Plus, when you get a good cut, it requires less heat and product styling, which means less damage to the hair.
  • If you can get away with it, shampoo less. “Over shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils,” says Douglas, and those natural oils are what keep the scalpand your hairhealthy. If you have hair that needs to be washed daily, try a sulfate-free shampoo. They’re less drying and irritating to the scalp, which is particularly important in the dead of winter.
  • If you’re completely hooked on hair gel, which has a greater tendency to flake and dry the hair out in cold weather, Douglas suggests mixing your own product cocktail: one part favorite hair gel to one part moisturizing styling product.
  • Hair Gloss is the equivalent of smoothing the skin with a touch of shimmer; a hair gloss instantly adds luster to lifeless locks. According to White, glosses add richness and radiance to the hair, as well as luminosity to the complexion. “Using a gloss adds warmth to your hair color, which brings out the warmth in your skin. It works in much the same way as a certain color clothing can pop your skin tone.”







Hair Tinsel

8 Dec

Tinsel for hair? What will they think of next? The new trend is all the rage with celebs like Beyonce, Ke$ha and Aubrey O’Day rocking these metallic highlights in their luscious locks. Just in time for the holidays, we think the style makes for a perfect party look. And really, what girl doesn’t like a little bling?

Let’s Hear It For The Bob

1 Dec

Hairstyles come and hairstyles go, but one of the most popular and classic of all looks is the bob.  The bob haircut is one of the most classic of all looks, and the beauty of this hairstyle is that is flattering to many different face shapes.  Let’s hear it for the Bob !

Celebrities Who Rock The Bob

Go Dark This Winter

26 Nov

Thinking of going dark with your locks, winter is right around the corner !  So what are you waiting for ?


 “Women who choose a darker color create more contrast, giving the hair a fuller look with more definition and texture,” says Ludovic Audesson, celebrity colorist at  Pierre Michel in New Youk City. “In addition to being very chic, dark hair is not trendy or a fad – it is really more of a statement!” Don’t forget to change your makeup.   After going darker, talk with a makeup artist to change the colors and the way you apply your makeup.  Just like your favorite winter outfit, everything needs to work together.

EveryOne Wears Ponytail

13 Nov

(Hilary Duff)


Hey all , as you know many people wear the ponytail because it easy, you can do it in a minute and gives you simple casual look in minute.

Now the ponytail is trend even for the velebrity who wore it in big events  , from young celebrities to old , its always work , and easy to done .

Here is some tips for the perfect ponytail :

Start Right: Run a quarter-size blob of thickening cream through damp hair. This will give it body and a bit of grab so the elastic won’t slide out. Blow hair dry (and straighten it, if your hair is curly) with a boar-bristle brush. The natural bristles will help make your hair glossy.

Tie it back. During the day, it’s a little old-fashioned to worry about hiding your elastic. I like a plain black one that doesn’t have a metal clasp, which can snag hair. (Avoid brightly colored elastics. You’ll look like a teenager, and not in a good way.) Position the ponytail about two inches above the nape of the neck—too high and it’ll look too cheerleader; too low and your hair will look flat. Spritz a little hair spray on your hands, and pat down flyaways with your palms.

Do your part. If you want something a bit softer and more romantic, try a deep side part. Use a comb to create a part an inch or two above your ear. Smooth hair down toward the ears and then back toward the nape with a brush. If you have bangs, push them to the side. This look reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Shine on. To dress up your ponytail for evening, rub a dime-size drop of silicone serum between your palms, then run both hands through your hair. Tilt your head back 45 degrees and smooth your hair into place with a brush. Keep the ponytail a bit loose—you don’t want it too severe. Finish by wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. Then forget about your hair; that’s the beauty of this style.

Check the some of the celebrities who tried it :

(Audrina Patridge)             (Hayden Panettiere )                (Selena Gomez)

(Ashley Tisdale)                                                                                 (Jena Dewan)

(Ciara)                                               (Katy Perry)                        (Kristen Stewart)

Tips from allure magazine.

Celebrity Dramatic Change :blonde and brunette

9 Oct


Hey all , we always see the celebrity change their looks , but when the celebrity change it from blonde to brunette,or from brunette to blonde ( Thats a big change ) , they look so different , and some of them look so much changed .Some celebrity look better in blonde and some in brunette .Check out these celebrity , and say to us if you like her in blonde or brunette hair .

Jessica alba                                                                       Keira Knightly

Katherine-Heigl                                                         Nicole Richie

Cheryl Cole

Christina Aguilara

Britney Spears                                                        Ema Roberts