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Interview with Eklectic Xplosion Vintage

17 Dec

Chanel and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Qiana, the Owner and resident fashionista of the Eklectic Xplosion Vintage shop. We had the opportunity to ask Qiana a few questions about her and her business.

*First Qiana, let me thank you taking the time to speak with us today.  Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

EK:  I’m just a simple girl that loves her dog, and her Vintage! Lol. I’ve been intrigued with Fashion ever since I can remember. With an emphasis on Vintage. The feeling of knowing what I bought was original, and totally broken in made me a happy girl.

*Your online shop, please, tell us a little more.

EX:  The styles I sell on my site are rare, odd, and eclectic. They Ooze originality, and all are One-Of-A-Kind. No duplicates in my shop. Pieces that can be paired with Modern styles as well. Just all around classic Gently worn Vintage.

*Was it difficult to put together an online shop ?

EX:  I wouldnt say it was easy or hard. I am passionate about it, so it comes easy to me. Of course at times certain sides are challenging, but I like a challenge. Nothing worth while is easy.

*What are the future plans for your site ?

EX:  Stay Tuned (laugh)

*When did you realized you wanted to be in fashion ?

EX:  I would always get compliments on my handbags, glasses, etc. knowing I had an eye for it,  I thought why not share it. Everyone wants to be Fab, but everyone may not have the same budget. I wanted to offer high end Vintage for all. Affordable one of a kind pieces that all could rock and be Haute!

*The word fashion means different things to different people, what does fashion mean to you ?

EX:  Fashion means knowing how to turn nothing into something! Its not how much you spend on and item. Its how you put it together! A fab belt or a mean pair of frames can bring ANYthing together! Knowing how to rock what you got!

*Do you have any favorite designers ?

EX:  Betsey Johnson, and my new-new Mundo!!

*Any advice on wearing vintage ?

 EX:  You can mix and match with Vintage! You dont have to overdose on it! A nice pair of Sunglasses or even a chic little clutch mixed with your trendy looks will work as well! Play with it a little. See what works best for you.

*Anything you want to share ?

EX:  But of course! (Laugh)  You can see more of my items at Follow me on Twitter for special promotions at  and Oh, sign up for mailings at

*Thanks Qiana, it’s been both a pleasure speaking with you AND  fun !

Qiana Owner of Eklectic Xplosion


Interview:House Of Dame

3 Dec

Erica Kain is a Accessories designer that’s hails out of  Toronto , Canada ! already being involved in the fashion scene  as a make up artist she had thirst  to be more than a make up artist . She grew tired of always seeing the same earrings in the stores nothing bold ,sassy and big . Not thinking about being a designer  She  started cutting up old leather jackets and making earrings.After receiving  many complements on her  earrings and often being asked where they can be purchase that’s when she decided that this is something that she should pursue! Her pieces reflect who she is , which is a confident woman full of energy expressing it threw her love for the arts .

We did this interview with her this week,she was so nice when we talked to her.She told us about her brand,her style,and busy life.So big thanks to Erica for this great interview. Check our interview with her !

*When you started as an Accessories designer ?

i started as a jewelry designer in June of 2009 !

*Your designs are special and catchy,tell us what make them that special ?

what make my designs special  is that they are hand made and big also bold ! and my line is one of a kind !

*What is the materials you use in your accessories ?

the materials  i use in my designs is mainly  leather , metals  and various different products it really depends on what my creative mood is !

*Describe your brand style in one word!

my brand in one word would be BOLD !

*Are you happy with your job?

yes i am happy with my job , its very hard work tho because everything is hand made but the joy for me is seeing women in my earrings  also  them thanking me for making such beautiful pieces .

*Tell us about your favorite Design that you ever made ?

my favorite design i ever made would have to be my diamond feathers earrings.

*Who is the woman who wears your accessories ?

the woman who wear my brand is a confident person , who commands attention she stands alone ! she isn’t afraid of the world she congers it

*Many celebrities wore some of your designs.Tell us who are they,and how you feel about that ?

the celebs who have worn my earrings are , rapper Rasheeda , Fantasia and Pam from total ! im very blessed to have started almost 2 years ago and i have had celebs in my line already not many people can do that .

(Rasheeda wearing House Of Dame design)


*Who is your inspiration ?

my inspiration is my mother has has passed away , my son and my family , my drive for success ,my multicultural city of TORONTO  and  my love of leather its’ timeless and sassy  .

*Most of your earrings are big,Why?

most of my earrings are big because big earrings make a statement and their hard to find  ,  accessories are more important than the outfit at times and i wanted my earrings to stick out for that purpose .

*You met many celeb such as Katy perry,What they told you about your designs ?

when i met Katy perry she was in love with my line , she told me my earrings are very unique and keep pushing im going to go far .

(Katy Perry Loves House Of Dame)

*Your future plans?

my future plan is to come out with a little girls line , come out with necklaces and bracelets and eventually branch into other aspects for designing .

*Give an advice to all women and girls who wear accessories !

my advice to women and girls is be true to yourself  ,try not to follow trends and don’t be scared to create your own .

*Tell us,Who is your favorite Accessories brand or designer?

my favorite  Accessories brand or designer is Melanie Ehsani, her work is amazing !

*Are you happy with all you did until now?

seeing the  positive numbers and  growth in circulation that support my line i am very proud of myself nothing is easy ! but hard work pays off.

*Thank you for this great interview,anything you want to tell?

they can check out my blog . and check out my online store . and for any inqires they can e mail me .

thank you very much for the interview much love to your blog ! muah

Check some of her designs:

House Of Dame will giveaway a gift for the contest that will start today.Dont  forget to come back and join the contest!

(The gift)

Interview with Nationally Acclaimed Stylist Toscano Hair Consultants

29 Nov

James Toscano and His Crew

James Toscano is the owner and also a stylist at the highly recognized and acclaimed Toscano Hair Consultants and Toscano’s Rostraver Salon in Belle Vernon Pennsylvania.  I recently had the pleasure of speaking in-depth with Jim and would like to share some of his insights.

*First Jim, let me thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

JT: Thank you for asking me.

*I understand that you have been a stylist for over 30 years, correct?

JT: Yes, I have been in the industry for 42 years – as a barber since 1968 and as a Roffler stylist since 1970.  I opened my barber shop in 1968 in West Newton and then opened the barber shop, beauty salon, and hair replacement center in 1978 at our current location in Belle Vernon.

*You have some very impressive credentials. You are a contributing editor with The National Hair Journal, are an expert in the Hair Replacement Industry, and you still work at your Salon and travel to others across the country and internationally teaching. Where do you get the time, and all the energy? (Laugh)

JT: I am the leader in the hair replacement industry in the world.  I also travel, teaching hair replacement across the United States.  I’ve been to China and Korea, both teaching and designing hair systems.  I’ve been a feature writer for The National Hair Journal (a hair replacement magazine) and serve on the professional board of the Journal.  My wife and I taught classes on 2 cruises.  That was really great!  I also work a 50-60 hour work week. How do I do all of this?  Hair cutting and hair replacement is my passion.  It’s easy when you love what you’re doing.

*I have read some of the professional and personal testimonies about your services, you and your team should be very proud.

JT: I am very proud of my team.  From  all facets of my business, I have a team who cares about each and every client – whether it’s for a haircut or hair replacement or a cancer patient who is losing their hair and needs a wig, we supply them with service, compassion, and always welcome them to “our family.”

*Can you tell me what still surprises you most about being a stylist?

JT: What surprises me most about being a stylist is that the industry has been heading in the wrong direction for a long time.  When I interview a potential employee, I’m always surprised by how much they don’t know about hair cutting and service.  When I look at some of the actors and newscasters on TV, I cringe.

*What brand(s) are you currently ‘addicted’ too?

JT: The brands of hair care products I use in the salon are from Italy Hair Fashions (Pittsburgh, PA) and my own hair care products, especially formulated for hair replacement.

*Do you have some basic but effective hair care tips?

JT: There are so many tips I could list – but a great one is:  If you have any build-up of products on the hair, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with your shampoo.  Wash your hair as you normally do, leaving the shampoo/soda mixture on the hair for 3-5 minutes.  Rinse.  This will remove the entire leftover product residue.

*What is the biggest hair care don’t?

JT: The biggest don’t in hair care is using unprofessional products.  Products from grocery stores,  Wal-Mart, etc.  contain a lot of wax.  This can coat the hair and make it lifeless. 

*What is the most common mistake people make with hair color?

JT: The most common color problem is coloring at home.  We get so many calls from people who color their hair at home to save money, but now have to come in to the salon because the color isn’t right – too dark, too blond, too orange.  If you are considering color for your hair, you should always go to a salon.  Over-the-counter color can wreak havoc on the hair.

*Are there any tools you simply cannot live without?

JT: The tools I use and can’t be without are my shears and my razors.  I spend hundreds of dollars on my shears – $30 shears don’t “cut” it.  I use a soft-steel razor, which gives an incredible cut, if you are trained in using it.  Of course, a good blow dryer is a must and my staff couldn’t live without their flatirons and curling irons

*Does one need to splurge on high-end products or are drug store items just as good?

JT: I think there is a big misconception about hair care products.  Yes, you should use professional products only.  You’ll spend hundreds of dollars on color and highlighting, but use a $3.00 shampoo.  Yes, professional products from your salon usually cost more.  But, most of these products are concentrated, so you can use less product, which means you’re not going to buy your products as often.  These products are also designed to work with color, helping with fading.  Is that splurging?  If you answer yes, then you should “splurge”!!!

*Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring stylists just starting out?

JT: I see so many people going into the hair industry who have no passion and no vision.  All they want to do is cut and color hair.  This attitude will not get that person anywhere.  Anyone going into this industry should have a passion for people, their hair, and making them look and feel the best they can.  I’ve worked with so many types of clients – those just getting a haircut, those who need advice on color or highlights, and those who have thinning hair or hair loss due to sickness or heredity.  I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I’ve hugged these clients who feel like their whole life is over because of their hair.  If you don’t have the compassion to help these people, you shouldn’t be in this industry.  Also, go to every class you can.  There is so much information and new techniques that have to be learned after you leave school.  Don’t ever hesitate to learn something new.  And when the day comes that you feel you know everything – get out of the industry!!!

*Thank you again Jim for taking the time from your busy schedule to speak with us. We wish you and your family a happy holiday season, I’m sure you will be quite busy (laugh).

JT: Thank you so much for asking about me, my team and my business. We wish everyone a blessed Christmas season and a healthy New Year!

Toscano Hair Consultants web address is

The phone number for your next appointment is 724.929.4900

Interview:Silver Lining Jewelry

21 Nov


Hey all,our new interview is with a British jewelry brand called (Silver Lining). We interviewed the owner of this brand (Sumayyah Khan) who talked with us about her starting in this career and about her first brand.So check out this great interview and don’t forget to check their site



*How did you start in this career ?

My friend Jeanne told me how fun it was creating jewelry, she told me that I should too.

*Did you study any type of designing or not?

*Who is your inspiration ?

Jeanne Silverio.
*Who is your first supporter ?

Laura from Spain.
*What your product made of?

We mostly make bracelets that are made out of wooden or faux pear beads. Each bracelet is completed with a silver metal charm.

*Is jewelry designing your job now or it’s just a hobby?

I’d probably call it a “paid hobby” haha.
*Who are your fav. Jewelry designers?
The Purple Shmurple Shoppe) Jawbreaking jewelry and KB Lush.
*What is the special in your designs?

The charm.
*For who you design your jewelry ?

Mostly for teens.
*When you decided to be jewelry designer?

This year.
*Did you remember your first jewelry?

Yes, the everlasting gumball set inspired by Savannah Outen.
*Is there any piece takes from you long time to finish it?

Each piece takes 20-30 minutes.
*Where people can buy your designs?

*tell us about your fall 2010 collection ?

Haven’t got one yet, but I’ll be creating a winter line soon.

*What Is your fav. Piece from all what you did ?

The Purity set.

*What the fashion means to you?

People can tell alot about you by the way you dress.
*Do you love the simple jewelry design , or the complicated one ?

I love simple jewelry because you wear it whenever you want.
*Do you work with group to design or you done it all by yourself ? Myself.

*Now it’s christmas time ,is there a special jewelry piece from your brand should woman wear ?

I’ll be coming up with something soon! 🙂

*Anything you want to tell us ?

Thanks so much for this interview! It was fun. xo





Thank you again for Sumayyah Khan for this great interview,and we hope she gets a great success for her brand  !

Check Some of her designs :

Interview: Designer Victoria Rangayah

30 Oct

(Victoria Rangayah)

(Victoria Rangayah) ,British talented designer studied fashion at the LISOF fashion school. Now she have her own designs,and her own fashion brand ( Z-Mode ),Who appeared in London Fashion Week.  Her S/S 2011 collection, titled “She is NOT Alice”  had many great peices , every one of them is glamour uniqe,and special . From black to beige, to soft colors, these are her main colors for this collection,who had apperd in many magazines just like Elle (South Africa) , Plaster magazine(USA) , Style Plus (Lithuania), and a list of others.

Here is our interview with her , when we asked here about her career,brand,and designs . So thank you Victoria for this wonderful interview. enjoy !


*Who is your inspiration for your S/S collection ?

I wanted to create a character with an Alice feel, but yet with keeping her own identity.Something along the lines of twin sisters.They are so similar but yet have their own identity and personality.Its about celebrating similarities and differences between them and finding perfect balance keeping in mind simplicity,attention to detail and minimalism.Contrast and balance were the key factors in my collection.

*Do you remember your first design ?

Yes it was in my first year of college, we had to design and make a garment out of paper. I used tissue paper and posters to create the dress for horse races .

*When you realize that you want to be a designer ?

i always loved art and i see fashion as an art form. When i moved to South Africa i was inspired by the rich culture and bright colors, that’s when i knew i wanted to study fashion.

*Whats your favorite piece from the collection ?

My favorite piece is a “Cloud Nine” dress. It certainly makes you feel  and look like you are on the cloud nine !

*Who support you in your career ?

My family are greatest supporters . My husband gives me strength and believe in myself, while my 8 years old daughter is always full of ideas for my next designs.

*Did you ever thought you will be a fashion designer ?

At school i loved studying languages, i did Russian, Spanish and German and i always thought i will become a German translator . However my creative side won over and i am very happy to be in the fashion industry.

*Why you used the black and beige and calm colors in your collection ?

I wanted to create a light and fresh as spring collection. I used sweet combination of pale golds,cappuccinos,tobacs and lattes wit ha dash of color in a subtle tropical print. I also used unexpected trims such as shoe-laces to enhance the contrast and give the collection slight, wonderland, feel.

*The celebrity you dream to wear a piece from your brand ?

My designs are already loved by Camilla Dallerup from “Strictly Come Dancing UK ” and  ex Miss England ” Rachel Christie ” . I would love to see Nicole Scherzinger wearing one of my designs too. I think she is absolutely  gorgeous !

*Where you sell your brand in the USA ?

Unfortunately, my collection is not available in the USA yet,but i am working on introducing  AW11 range to the USA market .

*Your future plans ?

Autumn/Winter 11 collection. I have already developed my mood board and starting to sketch designs for it. I am so excited about it as i am introducing my ow prints and can not wait to see the final product ! I believe this collection will be a huge step forward from my SS11 collection!

*An advice you would give it to all women , what it would be ?

Never give up ,keep knocking on those doors, one of them will open for you one day .

*Your Dream ?

My dream is to develop Z-Mode as a successful fashion brand worldwide and move forward with every step .

(Thanks for Victoria for this great interview.Here is a look at her S/S 2011 collection ).

Credits :

Photographer: Natalie J Watts
Model – Claire Zone models
Styling: Naomi Gray
Hair: Tano
Make -up – Mira Parmar
Jewelry: L’ile aux Ashby
Monique Luttin Millnery
Shoes: Kandee