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Our Favourite Blog

20 Apr

Hey all , here is a link we wanted to share with you to continue reading it.Its a fashion,celeb,beauty,style tips blog.A  Jordanian blog who has started before 2 months is now full of nice good quality topic ,who you need and look for.So check it now and sure you will be one of their readers….XO


The Way We Are

4 Jan

We look through the glossy pages of the top fashion and style magazines.  The celebrities and models are gorgeous.  We tell ourselves that if we looked like that we would have a fabulous life.  If we were thinner, prettier, if our butt wasn’t so big (or so small), if we had hair like that, if our skin were that clear. But have you thought about what goes into making those models and celebrities “Models and Celebrities” ?  We sometimes get a glimpse of the real side of their lives. Looks are not everything – yes we hear that all the time, but it really isn’t.  Here are some looks at our beauties as they really are. I want the lighting, the wind machine, the professional make up artist, the person that does the air brushing, I want them in my home every morning when I wake up. But since that isn’t the real world, I’ll take my mousey brown hair, my sparse eyebrows, my ruddy check color and my little-to-large breasts into my own bathroom and make the most of what I have.  We may not be a dream girl, but I guarantee you that we are the dream of someone that loves us just the way we are.

Perfect Party Eyeshadow

7 Dec

When it comes to eye makeup, there is one color that just screams “Wear me to every holiday  party ever!” It’s…Gold, as seen here on Katy Perry It’s just so festive. Now, there are lots of different ways you can go with gold: Sunny and bright-ish (like Katy here), soft and buttery, a snowy almost-white gold, a really shiny metallic one–the list goes on. But no matter what way you go, there’s just something about gilded lids that looks like an instant party.

Blue Hue

24 Nov

Make the most of any blue hue in your makeup kit.


From striking sapphires to alluring azures, blue eyeshadow shades are among the year’s hottest makeup trends. Top makeup artist Claudine Baltazar shows you how to make the most of any blue hue:

Start Fresh: Start with a complexion evened out with foundation and/or concealer, as needed. Prep your eye lids with a cream shadow base that either matches your skin or is colorless.

Bring on the Blue: Use a brush to pat blue shadow (cream or powder) onto lid, keeping the intensity at the lashline and gradually fading out to the crease.

Add Depth: Sweep a neutral medium shadow into crease. Highlight browbone with a shadow that’s one or two shades lighter than your skin. To add sparkle, try a pale gold.

Lashes & Cheeks: Curl lashes and load upper lashes with black mascara. Then balance strong eye color with a neutral blush on cheeks.

Finishing Touch: Swipe on a sheer, neutral lipgloss and you’re done.

The Eye Of The Tigress

12 Nov
 The cat eye look has been around for a long time and it appears to be here to stay for a while.  There are two types of cat eye: The kind you create with liner and the kind you create with shadow. 

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men

  This is a softer version. It’s a little bit retro, kind of girlie and pretty sexy all at the same time. To copy: Line all the way around your lashline with a black pencil. Then dust a brown-gray on your top lids and out into a soft point that lines up with the crease of your eyes and finish with a shimmery gold along the inner corners.  

Leighton Meester

 This look has just a hint of of the cat-eye flick. And it’s majorly cute.The idea is to just extend the line of your liner on top slightly and give it a flick towards your temples. Nothing too big or exaggerated, just a touch. I’ve been playing around with this for years and never fails to make me feel all flirty and cute. 

Nichole Richie

You cannot go wrong with the classy combo of black and gray in eye makeup. These shades complement all skin tones and eye shapes and can be used to create a voguish look. Apply a black eye liner in a winged pattern and dab gray eye shadow on your eye lids to get this look. Loads of black mascara is a must to complete this look.


New Trend Alert:Pink Lipstick

9 Oct

Hey all , here is new trend coming out ” the pink lipstick ”  , its so trendy and fresh color , you can wear it in fall but not the poshia color , and strong pink color . you can put it in night and day , but its so suitable for nights . Check out the celebrities who try it , and don’t forget to wear cold pink , baby pink lipstick this fall !

Kristen Stewart                                                                   Alexis Bledel

Lo Bosworth                                                                        Rihanna

Try It : The Natural Makeup

5 Oct

Hey all , there is many people who try this makeup , and many not.If you want to look great and to look like you dont put any makeup on  , or you hate to put makeup , here is the natural makeup is ready for you. Its a great starting for people who dont try makeup yet , or who dont like to put it . Its also gives you a great new look if you always put a lot of makeup .So its easy , stylish , and you can put it in short time .Try it now , and look at the celebrities who always try it.

Natural makeup tips :

1.Lipstick: you are allowed to wear lipstick and even gloss. But wear a natural color.

2.Mascara:You’ll need it.  Get a color that makes sense for your natural complexion. If you’re one of those born blonde , try a light brown , and if you not try black mascara.

3.Blush:a little bit of blush can add to this whole natural look quite a lot. A good way to make the whole look flow? Instead of actually using blush, use the very natural lipstick color that I trust you pick, and smear it into your cheek bones. This way, your colors will match.

4.Concealer :Try dabbing the makeup around the area you’re covering instead of wiping it in. Making sure you cover the area under your eyes can really lift them and make you seem way more awake than you probably are.

Kate Hudson                                                              Leighton mesteer

Ciara                                                                            Olivia Palemaro

Vanessa Hudgens                                           Angelina Jolie

Megan Fox                                                               Jessica Alba