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Rihanna Red Hair

6 Jan

Hey all,Many of you saw Rihanna wearing the red hair from a while,But lately she’s changing in her red hair looks .She moved from one to another ,And she makes it better.

I know many of you never tried her hair color,and they will not,because it’s a daring and bright color !

As we sure,it’s not her best hair color,but she totally rocks it,and look great!

So if you will try it or not,Check her looks in the red hair.Are you still don’t want to try it??


Dress Of The Week

2 Jan

Sequin Dress By (Rare)

THE Boot of the Season

28 Dec

Buckle up in the season’s hottest hardware – the Buckle Boot !  Everybody, and I mean everybody is wearing this latest trend. From channeling your inner biker babe to the  rhinestone wedge, these boots rock !

If It’s Winter It Must Be Plaid

22 Dec

With winter upon us the Plaid pattern is once again up for debate.  Discovering how to wear plaid and still look feminine is a learning process that does not come naturally. Not surprisingly, plaid clothing has been made an A-list garment choice. Whether you love it or hate it, here we are again.

Beautifully Ballet Inspired

15 Dec

With the highly received movie The Black Swan, it was inevitable that ballet inspired fashion would hit hard.

Ballet inspired fashion is easy to achieve and can be very flattering.  You can sport a subtle ballet inspired fashion look with a few key pieces or go full out fabulous.

D & G

BCBG Resort