Try It : The Natural Makeup

5 Oct

Hey all , there is many people who try this makeup , and many not.If you want to look great and to look like you dont put any makeup on  , or you hate to put makeup , here is the natural makeup is ready for you. Its a great starting for people who dont try makeup yet , or who dont like to put it . Its also gives you a great new look if you always put a lot of makeup .So its easy , stylish , and you can put it in short time .Try it now , and look at the celebrities who always try it.

Natural makeup tips :

1.Lipstick: you are allowed to wear lipstick and even gloss. But wear a natural color.

2.Mascara:You’ll need it.  Get a color that makes sense for your natural complexion. If you’re one of those born blonde , try a light brown , and if you not try black mascara.

3.Blush:a little bit of blush can add to this whole natural look quite a lot. A good way to make the whole look flow? Instead of actually using blush, use the very natural lipstick color that I trust you pick, and smear it into your cheek bones. This way, your colors will match.

4.Concealer :Try dabbing the makeup around the area you’re covering instead of wiping it in. Making sure you cover the area under your eyes can really lift them and make you seem way more awake than you probably are.

Kate Hudson                                                              Leighton mesteer

Ciara                                                                            Olivia Palemaro

Vanessa Hudgens                                           Angelina Jolie

Megan Fox                                                               Jessica Alba


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