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20 Apr

Hey all , here is a link we wanted to share with you to continue reading it.Its a fashion,celeb,beauty,style tips blog.A  Jordanian blog who has started before 2 months is now full of nice good quality topic ,who you need and look for.So check it now and sure you will be one of their readers….XO



11 Jan

Marked now that Camel is the hottest color in this season!

Everyone is wearing camel color, camel is being the new trend and the best choice for this cold weather. Because Camel color is the perfect choice for casual look, so everyone can wear it in every occasion, camel is the new black!

Camel color from Runway to Daily-wear!

Fall Fashion Show 2010

Celebrity love camel too, and looks how fabulous they are!

Alexa Chung                                            Blake Lively

Olivia Palermo

Here are some Camel outfit that fit everyone’s budget!

Camel Belted Capelet Trench Coat By £95

Shearling Lined Boots by $35.80


Petite Camel Wavy detail Sleeveles Tunic by £18.00

Rihanna Red Hair

6 Jan

Hey all,Many of you saw Rihanna wearing the red hair from a while,But lately she’s changing in her red hair looks .She moved from one to another ,And she makes it better.

I know many of you never tried her hair color,and they will not,because it’s a daring and bright color !

As we sure,it’s not her best hair color,but she totally rocks it,and look great!

So if you will try it or not,Check her looks in the red hair.Are you still don’t want to try it??

The Buzz on the Beehive

3 Jan
There are right and wrong ways to wear big hair.  Recently Alicia Keys was blasted for her over the top beehive, but Kelly Osbourne and Kourtney Kardashian got kudos for their poufy pompadours !

THE Boot of the Season

28 Dec

Buckle up in the season’s hottest hardware – the Buckle Boot !  Everybody, and I mean everybody is wearing this latest trend. From channeling your inner biker babe to the  rhinestone wedge, these boots rock !

If It’s Winter It Must Be Plaid

22 Dec

With winter upon us the Plaid pattern is once again up for debate.  Discovering how to wear plaid and still look feminine is a learning process that does not come naturally. Not surprisingly, plaid clothing has been made an A-list garment choice. Whether you love it or hate it, here we are again.

Mad Men Meets Barbie

21 Dec

Based on the award-winning “Mad Men” series about the world of Madison Avenue advertising in the 1960s. The collection embodies the couture fashions and aesthetic in dazzling detail.  It’s 60’s chic, Barbie® style! From Don Draper to Joan Holloway, collect all the dolls from this amazing collaboration.  The dolls retail for $74 each.


Sexy Sequins

20 Dec

It’s the time of year to search for that special New Year’s Eve party dress, and nothing says party like sequins. Even celebrities get in the swing when it comes to the little shiny discs.

Here are some from Forever 21 that fit everyone’s budget !

Silver Sequin Minidress, $39     Blue Sequin Dress,  $28     Coco Sequin Dress,  $25



Interview with Eklectic Xplosion Vintage

17 Dec

Chanel and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Qiana, the Owner and resident fashionista of the Eklectic Xplosion Vintage shop. We had the opportunity to ask Qiana a few questions about her and her business.

*First Qiana, let me thank you taking the time to speak with us today.  Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

EK:  I’m just a simple girl that loves her dog, and her Vintage! Lol. I’ve been intrigued with Fashion ever since I can remember. With an emphasis on Vintage. The feeling of knowing what I bought was original, and totally broken in made me a happy girl.

*Your online shop, please, tell us a little more.

EX:  The styles I sell on my site are rare, odd, and eclectic. They Ooze originality, and all are One-Of-A-Kind. No duplicates in my shop. Pieces that can be paired with Modern styles as well. Just all around classic Gently worn Vintage.

*Was it difficult to put together an online shop ?

EX:  I wouldnt say it was easy or hard. I am passionate about it, so it comes easy to me. Of course at times certain sides are challenging, but I like a challenge. Nothing worth while is easy.

*What are the future plans for your site ?

EX:  Stay Tuned (laugh)

*When did you realized you wanted to be in fashion ?

EX:  I would always get compliments on my handbags, glasses, etc. knowing I had an eye for it,  I thought why not share it. Everyone wants to be Fab, but everyone may not have the same budget. I wanted to offer high end Vintage for all. Affordable one of a kind pieces that all could rock and be Haute!

*The word fashion means different things to different people, what does fashion mean to you ?

EX:  Fashion means knowing how to turn nothing into something! Its not how much you spend on and item. Its how you put it together! A fab belt or a mean pair of frames can bring ANYthing together! Knowing how to rock what you got!

*Do you have any favorite designers ?

EX:  Betsey Johnson, and my new-new Mundo!!

*Any advice on wearing vintage ?

 EX:  You can mix and match with Vintage! You dont have to overdose on it! A nice pair of Sunglasses or even a chic little clutch mixed with your trendy looks will work as well! Play with it a little. See what works best for you.

*Anything you want to share ?

EX:  But of course! (Laugh)  You can see more of my items at Follow me on Twitter for special promotions at  and Oh, sign up for mailings at

*Thanks Qiana, it’s been both a pleasure speaking with you AND  fun !

Qiana Owner of Eklectic Xplosion

Beautifully Ballet Inspired

15 Dec

With the highly received movie The Black Swan, it was inevitable that ballet inspired fashion would hit hard.

Ballet inspired fashion is easy to achieve and can be very flattering.  You can sport a subtle ballet inspired fashion look with a few key pieces or go full out fabulous.

D & G

BCBG Resort